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    Company profile

    Hegno is a high-tech company engaged in developing, manufacturing & marketing pharmaceutical and nutritional ingredients. Hegno persistently works towards the mission of “Better nutrition, better life” with passion, creativity and dedication.

    Headquartered in Shanghai, China, Hegno established three manufacturing sites in Inner Mongolia Province and Yangtze River Delta, which have over 60 years of experience in APIs manufacturing.  While promoting our technical strength on bio-fermentation and chemical synthesis, Hegno fully integrates the raw materials and energy resources in above two areas to create a complete industry chain, and forms the leading scale and cost advantage in the industry.

    Hegno targets the global markets of pharmaceutical, food and animal health products, and establishes comprehensive business networks covering over 100 countries. Looking to the future, Hegno will continue its innovation on technologies and products, and work towards a sustainable and competitive global brand of nutritional ingredients and API manufacturing.

    The manufacturing sites of Hegno locate in Inner Mongolia Province and Yangtze River Delta, includin…More
    Quality is the mainstay of competitiveness. To ensure that each product consistently meets the requi…More
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